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Friends is a Christian all-volunteer organization. We consider ourselves a boutique ministry. We focus, narrowly, on those who live on the margins of our society. Too often their view of God has been skewed by a life of drugs, alcohol, crime, abuse and poverty. Our goal is to help them understand how our Faith can bring structure and purpose to unsettled lives. 

Saturday Night with Friends (SNF) is the focal point of the Ministry. The weekly gathering meets on the west-side of Columbus. In a typical year we serve over 6,500 meals. Other activities include, Wednesday meetings with women in need; household goods clothing; housing for released felons. While Friends is not a social agency, we do help with necessities, particularly when emergencies arise.

The Friends Ministry operates within minimalist management style and structure, in the sense there are no offices or paid staff.  A core group of volunteers (approximately 40 from various denominations and churches) work together with an annual budget averaging less than $15,000.


We use STRIPE.COM, a third party provider to process and secure credit card payments. If payment by check is preferred contact us for mailing information and tax exempt status.