James Dixon epitomizes Friends; he was the face of Friends. For over 15 years James Dixon inspired and encouraged us with  his singing on Saturday Night with Friends. He helped me see first hand how Christ heals our wounded spirits. Emotionally and spiritual we were moved, as we heard details of an early  life of abuse, a 25 year addiction and subsequent recovery. He showed many a path out of the chaos.His message of God's abounding grace moved many to to accept Our Lord's forgiveness, love and healing.  We saw lives change before our eyes. He died in 2014. We miss him.  His legacy continues, Friends embrace the culture of change, with accountability and the Grace of Christ.. 

James brought perspective to our spiritual journey. Through his songs we see how far we have come and how God is never finished with us. Salvation does not end our struggles; life with Christ is still filled with disappointments, losses and detours. But the struggles are seen in different perspective. 

The circumstances of his life created mistrust of traditional Christianity, James, as do many of the Friends, did not feel comfortable in church or in our normal social circles. He found comfort and acceptance among his own peers: those struggling with addictions, restlessness and homelessness. Through his singing he communicated God’s grace. His song “It ain’t over until You stand before the Throne” brought hope to those who struggle with "living the Christian life" while carrying the scars from the past. He renewed the faith  of those who felt God has forgotten them. 

James playing at Friends Ministry in 2013,  See more of James Dixon's Story on YouTube.