The Pearls 

Following Friends pragmatic Christian approach the Pearls offer their hospitality and friendships to other women. The Pearl Ladies go deeper; they "put skin on God", in doing so they helping themselves and other to grow in relationship with Him. 

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“The Pearls” is a woman's club wrapped with Christian ribbons. Each Wednesday evening, the leaders guide the group to talk and share the issues of their pressing lives. These Pearls use their Christian faith to guide others to freedom from homelessness, addictions, anxiety and fear. They come from wherever: apartments, the shelters, the streets and abandoned houses. Their lives are often in emotional turmoil.  Pearls teach that God is not so busy that He cannot reach down to mend a broken heart. He still answers prayer.

During Saturdays with Friends the ladies work in various roles. They sort clothes, assist the serving groups, provide drinks and other vital services.  


God uses “The Pearls” to build bridges for other women; they stand in the gap as intercessors, helping women cross the wilderness into the Promised Land. 

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Wednesday 6 to 8 pm

40 Chicago Avenue
Columbus, OH, 43222
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To those living chaotic, aimless lifestyles, this is a time for caring. To those forgotten and alone, “The Pearls” offer friendships. To those trapped in the cycles of drugs and alcohol “Pearls” offer alternatives; they instill value to those whose circumstances and shame have brought a loss of self respect, dignity and the joy of life.  

Matthew 13:45  the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls.

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